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  • Grit Blasting Process

    Our shot/grit blasting machine’s grit blasting process is 8pcs blades consist blast wheel which rotate high speed driving by motor. The steel grit be shot on cleaned parts surface by blast wheel. The steel grits be loaded into elevator which lift the grits to blast wheel. The shot blasting machine e

  • China shot blasting machine

    China shot blasting machine almost classy three industrial area; Guangdong province, Jiangsu province, Shandong province. Our company ‘Qingdao Xinke Machinery Technology Co., Ltd’ is located in Shandong province,our main product is stainless steel band shot blasting machine.

  • Wheelabrator shot blast machine

    Wheelabrator shot blast machine always use cast steel shot or steel cut shot as abrasive,shot on metal parts surface to clean the rust by compress air or blast wheel shot.

  • sandblasting house

    Our sand blasting house main is used to clean shape complex parts. Surface flateness standard high. Worker goes into blast house,wear protect cloth, glasses and shoes.Take the blast gun by hand, spray the steel shot to parts surface. There are lights,protect plates attach the house inner wall. Arran

  • shot blasting and painting

    The steel plate shot blasting machine of ‘Qingdao Xinke Machinery Technology Co., Ltd’ with painting device, drying device.

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