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  • Filter element change method

    1. When we begin to discharge filter element, should from the service port of filter top, prevent dust escaping from lower service port.2. Screw the button by anticlockwise direction, discharge service port door.3. Remove filter element,peel off sealing cushion between filter element and filter base

  • Cyclonic dust filter

    Cyclonic dust filter is used at industry widely, Especially for small low-capacity boiler and as advance dust collect before adopting other complex dust filter. This dust filter construction simply, lower cost. Efficiency higher, operation easy.It can resist more than 400 ℃ temperature and high pres

  • Shot peening machine

    Shot peening machine main be used to clean surface casting,also to clean sand. Cause the machine power consume large, need largely labour, so clean much area surface getting lower cleaning effective. So shot peening machine often is used to clean casting with complex surface and inner cavity, an

  • shot blasting machine’s choose

    According casting’s characteristic (size, weight, shape and material), manufacture situation(productivity, type), usage requirements,to choose shot blasting machine.

  • Arrangement Direction of Blast Wheel

    Blast wheel is important constitute of shot blasting machine, blast wheel’s rotary direction has left turn or right turn, when you face to ‘blade wheel’, clockwise is right turn.Anticlockwise is left turn. One machine could equip with one or more blast wheels by different shot blasting machine type

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