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Vacuum Sand Molding Line

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1. The molding equipment has rotary table and shuttle type

2. Sand cooling bed (machine)

Sand cooling bed (machine) is composed of bed body, fan and porous board in bed body, hot sand under the action of wind, while cooling and moving forward to achieve the purpose of cooling and conveying.This kind of device is similar to the old sand cooling equipment of clay sand molding

3. The vibrated machine

It is mainly used for compacting sand.It is mainly composed of bracket, work table, air spring, air circuit and vibration motor.Shock table and self - hardening sand are commonly used in V - method modeling.

4. Laminating equipment

Laminating equipment with heating, adsorption, molding and cutting off the film function.It is mainly composed of heater, frame and cylinder.

5. Vacuum seal molding line

The composition of the vacuum seal molding line is relatively simple, generally there are molding devices (including sand adding device, shock compaction, laminating device, mold lifting device, etc.), sand treatment system (including sand removal, cooling, transportation, etc.), vacuum system (including vacuum pump and pipeline system) and other components.Wiring mode is generally simple open line.

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