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Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine

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    This machine uses high-speed revolving impeller to throw abrasive onto the continuously tumbling work pieces in barrel, to attain the cleaning purpose.  It is suitable for de-sanding, de-rusting, de-scaling and surface hardening of the small work pieces, such as castings, forgings, impact extruded-parts, gears, springs, etc., especial some parts easy to collision.

  This ma chine consists of blasting cabinet,  blast wheel, elevator, separator, dust recycle system and electric control system. Putting stimulated amount of work pieces in the cabinet. After the machine start, the work pieces are overturned by the moving apron belt, meanwhile, the abrasive, be shot off rapidly, shapes shot-beams and hits evenly on the surface of the work piece, to clean them. The abrasive and sand projected flows into the bottom-sifter through many holes on the apron belt, then it is transported into elevator and finally into separator to separate. The dust, comes from cabinet and separator, is filtered in the dust collector, and fresh air is let out. The dust attached on the bag is mechanically shaken-off and falls in the dust box at the bottom of the dust collector, so user may clean it periodically. The used sand flows out through the waste pipe, and can be reclaimed. The mixture of shot and sand is taken back into the cabinet, and may be reused after being separated. The clean abrasive flows into the blast wheel to hit work pieces through the electromagnetic shot valve.   


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