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Steel Plate Preparation Line

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Q6910 technology specification

Technical proposal summary

1. In order to meet your strict requirement on steel plate surface preparation, we take the following key technology and guarantee measures.

2. The whole roller conveyor system speed is adjusted by frequency converter. The whole system not only can be operated synchronuously, but also every part can move separately. It can rotate forward and backward.

3. Rollers in blasting chamber are protected by special material jacket to prevent abrasive blasting.

4.This machine has 4 sets of blast wheels, adopt Swiss GF technological , whose abrasive flow volume is 120kg/min, blasting speed 78m/s, blade life 800hs, distributing impeller and control cage1000hs, line plate and protective plate1500hs,

5. first step cleaning: “<”plough shope scraper, polyurethane material, three layers ladder-like distribution, high effeciency.

6. second step blow: high pressure blower will blow off abrasive and dust.  Reserved compressed air additional blow pipeline is reserved.

7. Abrasive circulation&purifying(patent)

We adopt the most advanced adjustable full curtain & multistage winnowing separator. Special Polyester wire core is used for elevator driving belt, Elevator driving wheel use mouse cage structure, preventing driving belt skidding. There are abrasive control device and replenish abrasive device. Every driving point has one alarm device.

8. Dust collection system

 This machine use inertia settlement chamber plus pulse reverse blow bag type dust collector.  Dust concentration of exhausted air is less than 80mg/m3.

9. Electric control system

This machine has a visualized dynamic simulation monitoring system, which can automatically find the failure position and timing wear resistable parts operation time, which will give important information to calculate spare part service time and maintenance time. 

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