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Arrangement Direction of Blast Wheel

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Blast wheel is important constitute of shot blasting machine, blast wheels rotary direction has left turn or right turn, when you face to blade wheel, clockwise is right turn.Anticlockwise is left turn. One machine could equip with one or more  blast wheels by different shot blasting machine type. If use more blast wheels, should avoid abrasive flow to crossover or opposite shoot.Reduce impact fore on blast chamber inner wall. The best location arranging blast wheel is on the blast chamber top, shoot downward. The second choice, arranging on side wall of blast chamber. On particularly situation, arranged bottom of blast chamber. The abrasive flow angle with workpiece surface reach 40-50°, if abrasive material is chill cast iron, angle reach 30°。Distance 0.5-1.5m from blast wheel shoot port to workpiece surface.





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